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Fun Guy Chocolates, Your #1 Mushroom Chocolate in the USA

Fun Guy  Chocolates are the creamiest and sweetest mushroom eddible candy bar in the the United States. Our Fun guy chocolate bars  are made from a blend of the extraordinary Funguy Blend  infused in to the creamiest and most delicious Dark chocolate bars made with the best cocoa . Over the years Funguy Chocolate Bars have grown in popularity due to its amazing reviews . We make it our prioty at our Funguy Chocolate factory to provide our customers with the best and nothing less . Our Funguy mushroom chocolate bar is composed of 35% psilocibin which has proven to have amazing benefits to our health . We make sure to provide our clients with the healthiest and most delicous for of mushroom suplement with our funguy chocolate bars . Excellence has always been our goal, hence we bring to you a premium product the Funguy Chocolate Bar .

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Why Are Our Funguy Chocolate Bars The Best 

Fun guy bars  are quickly becoming the go to mushroom chocolate for most mushroom users. At Funguy ,  we have made it possible for all mushroom chocolate lovers to have a wide rande of different brands to chocse from , there by including popuar brands like

To begin with , the funguy magic  mushroom bar is  made with the best , most delicious and top quality dark chocolates in the market. Our Funguy chocolate team took out time to source the best quality chocolate to use for the production of our shroom bars simply because of our clients deserve the best.

Also, at our shroom chocolate factory we use  potent mushrooms to make our fungi blend which is infused into the delicious choclates stated above . Hence all the effects and tripp gotten from the consuymption of shrooms are stiill prent when consuming our chocolate bars . Again, unlike many other mushroom chocolate brands, our mushrooms are grown by our special team  to ensure that they are of the highest standard.

And finally, what makes Funguy Chocolates  truly unique and one of the best is our attention to details and priority for a healthy chocolate bar. It is common practice to mix other substances such as dmt into our funguy blend when making funguy  chocolates to maximize profit. However, the fun guy  team believes in a healthy lifestyle for our loyal customers and so try to protect them by adding such impurities to our bars. 


Take a trip with the award wining , luxurious, creamiest and most delious Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bars.


As microdosers our souls are bound to correlate each time we commit to the microdosing experience.


Fnguy Chocolates takes it's consumers to a state of trip second to non, an amazing experience.

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What is Fun Guy  Mushroom Chocolate?

 The Fun Guy  Chocolate is a luxurious, delicious and uniquely crafted mushroom  chocolate bar.These shroom chocolates are  made with real psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms are a type of fungus that has been used for centuries for their mind-expanding properties. When ingested, psilocybin mushrooms can cause a variety of effects, including altered perception, increased creativity, and a sense of connection to the universe.

Why Pick Our Fun Guy Chocolate Bar As Your Major Desert?

There are many reasons to pick our fun guy chocolates over other mushroom  chocolates on the market. To begin with, These shroom chocolates are  made with high grade mushrooms and mushroom blends . Also, our Funguy chocolate factory  uses only the finest dark chocolate, and we don not add any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Again, our Fun Guy Mushroom chocolates are vegan and gluten-free. Furthermore, this mushroom chocolates  are  lab-tested to ensure that it contains the correct amount of psilocybin. These mushroom chocolates come in perfect fit box sizes with a golden aluminium foil wrap inside each box preserving the chocolate bars .

Fun Guy  Chocolate Awards And it’s Accolades:

At Fun Guy Chocolates we have always made it our priority to serve the general population of the United States . We offer you with the best and nothing but the best . Hence our Funguy Chocolate Bars have received several accolades for being the best mushroom chocolate bars in the United States. This has led to several awards wins over the past couple of years . The  Funguy chocolate bar is an Award-winning psilocybin  chocolate bar  bringing about a delicious and luxurious taste at every bite . The Elegant Fun Guy Chocolate Bar has  recieved  the following awards over the last couple years;

  • 2023, International Mushroom Chocolate Awards: Gold 1st Prize.
  • 2020, Great Taste: Gold 1st Prize.
  • 2023, Academy of Mushroom Chocolate: Gold 1st Prize.
  • 2022, Great Taste: Silver.
  • 2022 , Academy of Mushroom Chocolate: Silver.
  • 2021, Great Taste: Bronze.

Need help in choosing the perfect mushroom chocolate ?

We understand that there is wide range of functional mushroom chocolates and some times consumers get confused on which to chose from. That’s not an issue any more as we have live chat agents 24/7 to guide you towards the right product so you can get the perfect trippy feeling.

We also have a customer support number and email which you can always use to get in touch with us at any time of the day or night .

Fun Guy Chocolate Reviews

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Fun Guy Chocolates are absolutely my favorite, it has made microdosing so fun and easy for me over the past couple of years OMG . THANK YOU so much Fun Guy for such an amazing product . 

Kelly Baker


 After consuming funguy chocolates  I was on a whole different dimension it took my intuition to the next level making me excel at my place of work. Thanks Guys for a dope chocolate 

Jessica Foxx

Grapghic Design 

Probably the best funtional mushroom chocolate bar I have ever had . so creamy with an amazing trippy feeling . Great price too . 

Briana Sam

Cloud Engineer 

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