Mastermind Chocolate Bar


Mastermind Chocolate Bar, America’s Best Selling Mushroom Chocoate

Order Mastermind Chocolate Bar, America’s e best selling mushroom chocolate in  in 2024 . Mastermind Mushroom Chocolate bar gets its name from award winning movie the Materminds. Hence the growth in popularity of this magic mushroom chocolate bars .Mastermind Chocolate bars are made from the best dark milk chocolates with infused portions of premium psilocybin mushroom. For an amazing experience hurry now to our mushroom chocolate store . And get yourself some Matermind Bars  or better still some One up mushrooms .

What is Mastermind  Chocolate Bar

Mastermind Magic Chocolate Bars, are  excellent combination of crunchy , delicious caramel and creamy dark chocolate with infused extracts of the premium  psilocybin mushrooms. This makes it perfect for sharing amongst psychedelic edible lovers. Also this shroom chocolate is accessible to all of the required age group (+18). And in search of an ideal store to buy Mastermind magic chocolates our fun guy magic store is here to serve your needs. Again we Make it our priority at Fun Guy to provide our shroom chocolate lovers  with the best quality magic mushroom  chocolates . Our mastermind milk chocolates have been lab tested and undergone extensive procedures to make sure they are healthy for consumption. Buy Mastermind Chocolate Bar today for a premium experience.

Matermind Magic Mushroom Chocolate Flavors

Our Mastermind Mushroom Bars have a couple of exciting new flavors customers are able to chose from . This amazing flavors can be felt from their own  uniquely layered structure. Each bite will reveal new exciting tastes and textures. As the thin sheets separate with each nibble, making it an exciting journey for all five senses. Made from a very high-grade psilocybin extract and  premium dark chocolate are designed to allow the consumer to enter the orbits of the euphoric cosmos with little to non mushroom aftertaste! This amazing flavors include ;

  • Mastermind Dark Chocolate,
  • Mastermind Cookies and Cream
  • Fuity Pebbles and Mint
  • Mastermin Crunch.


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